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Stacy's Side

As any dog owner knows, keeping your pup clean can be a tricky business. My dog, Jagger, is a maltipoo and since he has hair, rather than fur, he gets groomed once a month; however, it’s the time between grooming appointments that tends to get a little messy. First, there’s bath time, which always seems to be a struggle. Then, there’s the post-bath blow dry. The same way I don’t look forward to blow drying my own hair, I dreaded doing it for Jagger – and he definitely wasn’t a fan. Unfortunately, air drying wasn’t an option since that left Jagger’s fur matted. When my groomer suggested we give dry shampoo a try, I was excited at the option, but soon disappointed to find that most of the options out there were either formulated with chemicals or just weren’t that effective. One day, I decided I would create a dry shampoo for dogs that lived up to our standards. I researched ingredients that are both safe and effective for dogs of all breeds and worked with a lab to formulate a dry shampoo that would keep Jagger comfortably clean between trips to the groomer.

Female founder, Stacy Feldman, and her maltipoo, Jagger

Jagger's Side

Let’s just tell it like it is: baths aren’t fun.  Ever since my first bath as a puppy in the kitchen sink, I knew I wasn’t into it.  Still, I would never dream of letting myself prance around the city in anything but pristine condition.  One day, an idea came to me: what if we could find a cleansing solution that would do the job of a bath sans the actual bath?  Luckily, my mom loved my clever idea and created Princely Pup to help me be squeaky clean with nothing but a spritz.

Clean dog, Jagger, with a bottle of 100% natural dry shampoo for dogs